Mark Goldman

Mark Goldman

Mark Goldman is Chief Counsel and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of The Gehr Group. Mr. Goldman joined The Gehr Group in 2012, after previously serving for 28 years as outside counsel and close advisor to the company’s founder, Mr. Norbert Gehr.

As COO, Mr. Goldman works closely with the company’s CEO, as one of only two executives with oversight across all divisions. In his role as Chief Counsel, Mr. Goldman oversees all legal matters for The Gehr Group and its four principal business units – Gehr International, Gehr Hospitality, Gehr Industries, and Gehr Development, as well as all work conducted by outside law firms pertaining to business transactions, contracts, and legal disputes.

Mr. Goldman has over 50 years of experience working on complex business transactions and sophisticated legal cases in entertainment, family, and real estate, as well as advising in numerous real estate transactions.

Mr. Goldman is a member of The Gehr Group’s Board of Directors, and he also serves as a trustee for the Gehr Family Foundation.

Prior to joining The Gehr Group, Mr. Goldman was the owner of his own law firm, Goldman & Kagon Law Corporation. He also served as in-house counsel for Mapleton Investments, where he handled all acquisition, divestitures, legal contracts, and agreements for the private venture capital firm. Mr. Goldman received his Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law, and also received a BA in economics at UCLA.

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